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Translate this page / Traduzca esta pagina / ترجمة هذه الصفحة / इस पेज का अनुवाद करें / Перевести эту страницу / vertaal hierdie bladsy / Traduire cette page / Übersetze diese Seite / 翻譯這個頁面 / 이 페이지 번역 / இந்த பக்கத்தை மொழிபெயர்க்கவும் / adikao ity pejy ity / terjemahkan halaman ini / این صفحه رو ترجمه کن / Dịch trang này / oversæt denne side / prevedi ovu stranicu / このページを翻訳する / faaliliu lenei itulau /


nothing the “the absence of a something or particular thing that one might expect or desire to be present” and yes i have nothing to post up just because i have been busy catching up with my academics… sooner or later i’ll come back to thisContinue reading “Nothing.”

South Africa: in images

South Africa, also famously known as the rainbow nation, was born from a brutal racist based apartheid which disrespected the rights of black people living in the country. This republic was partially free in the 1930s, but the total power remained within the British monarch. TheContinue reading “South Africa: in images”

Yay! my website passed 2,000 views

yeah… although it might be a small achievement i just wanted to celebrate it… and again thanks for supporting me and sharing your own views on this cute little website!

Someone Else — My2ndHeartBeat

“There are some things that we think will only ever happen to “someone else” and never to us. But, the thing is, we’re all “someone else” to “someone else”.” Someone Else — My2ndHeartBeat That one is literally deep actually…. Oh this hit me hard


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