Top 5 pros and cons about EVs

Climate change is taking a toll on earth like never before. The call to global action is rising. And EVs or Electric Vehicles are one of them which leads the global fight against air pollution, which is causing 5 million deaths worldwide annually. And many countries are investing in it because of their greater goodContinue reading “Top 5 pros and cons about EVs”

One small step for a website..A giant leap for the internet

The internet is like an important commodity these days. Without it, would be unimaginable. And stopping by to think of it made me to write about it. Primitive to Advanced The oldest calculating device known to humankind is the abacus which dates back to 1100 BC! and since humans started expanding and innovating their civilizations;Continue reading “One small step for a website..A giant leap for the internet”

10 Blogging tips from my side

this post is made for startup bloggers who aren’t finding their views and follows on any website builder. hope this helps The Mantras Consistency attracts visitors –vovazinger 6. Re-blogging and connecting links to other posts–. This can provide more visitors on your site nonetheless it can provide more sources for the reader if he/she isContinue reading “10 Blogging tips from my side”

The Nazis and the ideology. A warning from History

for those who have problem reading in English there is a translator located down below the page You must have heard about them or at least studied about them about the horrible things they have done in the past. In this post we’ll check and see what intimidated the Nazis to do this…. That tooContinue reading “The Nazis and the ideology. A warning from History”

A Paragraph about the Amusement Park

An Amusement park is a place where people and children have fun and play together. The park is open to the Public and is a place for a day-off. The park contains many rides. some of which are terrifying. They include a Rollercoaster , Water slides, merry-go rounds, a giant wheel and much more. AmusementContinue reading “A Paragraph about the Amusement Park”

Covid-19 vaccines- What do you need to Know. And more about them…

The coronavirus pandemic had impacted lives of so many. And it is still continuing to threaten lives & livelihoods all around the world. But this time 2021 is not like 2020. There is light at end of the tunnel. Vaccines are protecting and preventing infections more than ever But yet most people are afraid toContinue reading “Covid-19 vaccines- What do you need to Know. And more about them…”

How your Immune System responds to an injury And bacterial invasions

This post is about How your immune system responds to an injury and how it helps us to keep us alive today The Attack Suppose you are cutting vegetables for tonight’s dinner you have to rush because there is no time left. Caught in the frenzy… you’ve accidently cut your finger whilst you saw yourContinue reading “How your Immune System responds to an injury And bacterial invasions”

What if Thanos snapped his fingers in the real world?

This is just a theoretically based question and also has too many answers. In this post we’ll drive over and see the consequences on the days of humanity’s doom Although Thanos is dead fictionally… What if… he is present in the world with the six infinity stones and to kill half of the earth’s species.Continue reading “What if Thanos snapped his fingers in the real world?”

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