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South Africa: in images

South Africa, also famously known as the rainbow nation, was born from a brutal racist based apartheid which disrespected the rights of black people living in the country. This republic was partially free in the 1930s, but the total power remained within the British monarch.

The country became a republic in the early 1960s, severing all formal ties with Great Britain. However, the white elites (mostly Europeans) which were present in South Africa dominated in every aspect of the country and were still in charge and continued the brutal rule against the unprivileged blacks living in the country

After years of protesting, torturing and rioting. The country became truly independent in 1994 that’s when the former honorable president Nelson Mandela and the African national congress came into power with a majority in the parliament which ultimately toppled down the racist regime…

Yet, it has some long way to go to completely eliminate the damage done by the white elites in the 60s. But it’s not all bad though…

In this current decade, the country has mostly changed its own identity from a cruel racist regime to a Democratic, culturally-rich country. South Africa is also a popular tourist attraction for many foreigners too, The country is literally very diverse in its culture, landscape, wildlife, language, tribes etc. and a great place for a visit too…

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