#WallpaperWednesday Challenge

I know its not Wednesday… innit? Well we might not know just because we are living in different time zones. anyways I would like to start a small challenge based on your wallpapers, All you’d have to do is just describe about the image you have in your desktop/mobile…. Well lets give it a go shall we?

I’ve been using this wallpaper for months and i would like to give a small gist of it…

As you can see it is an abstract wallpaper. It is colourful yet unique and it is simply mesmerizing of just how the curvy lines come over and bend like anything the pink and the orange colours give it some kind of a contrasting character compared to the endless blue wavy tin foil… (Welp, That’s the best word i could use 😂)


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You’re Welcome!

One thought on “#WallpaperWednesday Challenge

  1. I presently have a photo of Pacific/Mission Beach and ocean, San Diego, CA as my laptop wall paper. I took it while staying there a few years ago. Before that I had a photo of the Grand Teton Mountains in WY that I grabbed from google images.


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