The Tomorrow War

Hello again!, it’s been a while hanging out on WordPress, just because I had to focus on my academics (Apologies If anyone interacted during that time). Anyways let us take a small glimpse through the movie:The Tomorrow War.

Now, I should say this, This movie is truly action packed as expected. But it lacks some features too; The script is not well-defined compared to other Hollywood movies, yet it does pack up some punches. Oh! And I almost forgot, The story is based on a fictionalized sci-fi movie where humans in the future fight against the aliens which was spawned undetected years before. (Spoiler alert: I Ain’t gonna reveal the whole movie). Since humans were losing the war, they time travelled to the past in order to make an army to fight against the aliens. And Chris Pratt (Dan forester), who is a military retiree, is one of them. Dan also accidentally meets her daughter, in the future, whom is a grown-up and works in the military, working for a bioweapon which would ultimately kill the aliens

The plus points

Well, well. The Aliens present in the movies are brilliantly set up. The fierce face and those long tentacles are well fit for a thriller movie (They aren’t actually aliens, you’ll that after watching the whole movie). The movie does bring up some twists and turns and has a good little theme to it. Nonetheless, it is a truly adventurous movie full of uncertainties. It was splendid, and it did satisfy my boring weekend

Needs Improvement

As I mentioned, Tomorrow war has some missing ‘zing’ elements to it. The movie itself is No 1 streaming movie in the US (Data may vary). Yet it could have offered more popularity If the script was done right, there are too many sacrifices which seem dumb for some reason, and the people who are selected to fight. Are different in expertise and die sooner in their future. The movie doesn’t look totally bad. But it needs improvement. And talking about improvements, there are chances to release the second part of the movie called The Tomorrow war 2


This movie is a good time-killer, it does keep you stuck with your screen. And people whom are interested in sci-fi and fictionalized movies will surely love it (I guess the movie is made for them) overall it has a good background score. And well done to the cast, whom have done a very good job playing their roles. I recommend watching this on your weekdays


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Rotten tomatoes- 53%

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