Top 5 pros and cons about EVs

Climate change is taking a toll on earth like never before. The call to global action is rising. And EVs or Electric Vehicles are one of them which leads the global fight against air pollution, which is causing 5 million deaths worldwide annually. And many countries are investing in it because of their greater good against the fossil fuel cars. But are they really that good? let’s find out!


  • 1. Environmentally friendly 😃–. EVs are environmentally friendly because, they produce zero emissions. and is silent while starting up. This is the main reason why, EVs are bought by most of the customers whom are,’climate-sensitive’
  • 2. Immense torque–. EVs don’t have gearboxes. So they can launch instantly without a lag
  • 3. Home charging–. This is a big boon compared to petrol cars. you can name your own price by using from your own power source: Your home
  • 4. less maintenance–. Since EVs don’t have complex mechanisms like that of petrol & diesel cars. they require less maintenance, Most maintenance is needed for the battery and the brake pads which is small in number, So less payment is needed for it
  • 5. Exemption from paying special taxes and degrading the use of old petrol cars 🤑 –. This is because of the changing motives happening around the world. Since climate change is taking a toll all over the world. There has been an easing of taxes on EVs. and for a matter of fact, provide amenities for the EV owners. for example, special highways and roads which is reserved only for EVs. this also makes a reason by which consumers are attracted.


  • 1. Low accessibility –. There are countable nightmares for EV owners whom are stuck in lonely places. Where electricity is not easily accessible. especially in Africa and South Asia; where EV revolution has not taken a great step in those continents, compared to the west. Thus charging stations has a big role to play in the EV market
  • 2. Indirect pollution –. You might indirectly pollute the environment. By using too much electricity. How?, If the source of the electricity needed for the charging station, is fuel or coal dependent then it will cause higher rates of pollution. but if the source is a renewable or non-polluting kind of energy then there is little or no pollution taking place
  • 3. Charging takes time 😞–. This is noticeable on most EVs because it uses lithium ion batteries. Which is used on most of our daily devices like phones. Since EVs use bigger batteries than a normal phone, it would take a LOT of time to charge a car
  • 4. Expensive than a simple petrol car –. The main problem which consumers are too hesitant to talk to buy an EV: the price. Since gas-powered cars are efficient in money and accessibility. EVs lack it. because it uses rare metals and Lithium-ion batteries which are too costly too buy
  • 5. The range problem and model option –. The range of EVs vary from model to model and EVs have low range compared to petrol or diesel cars and model options are also compared less because the properties mentioned above are expensive. Again returning to the range point, the batteries drain a lot of charge just to turn the wheels. that’s why you’ll see your charge dropping significantly while you’re on high speed.

Yet. The EV market is still evolving. This takes time. And it will soon crush these cons. And be superior to the petrol-powered cars.

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