What if Thanos snapped his fingers in the real world?

This is just a theoretically based question and also has too many answers. In this post we’ll drive over and see the consequences on the days of humanity’s doom Although Thanos is dead fictionally… What if… he is present in the world with the six infinity stones and to kill half of the earth’s species. Let’s find out…..

The snap

A few seconds after the snap half of the humanity is turning to dust. Most people are confused and panicked by the terrible event taking place

Drastic change. Literally

litreally speaking…. you’ll see planes falling from the sky, thousands of accidents, unstoppable trains, halted factories, Panic buying or you might see your own microbes vanishing away you may almost lose billions of cells. But still you’ll recover pretty fine. but again the above causes can cause more deaths which could have been saved…

Long-term impact

You’re gonna see earth as a destroyed egg where total despair becomes a common place, economic depression kicks in. While many families are seprated.An emotional breakdown happens around the humanity. The vanishing discountinues everything which was happily doing fine


The impact not only affects Humans. It threatens the entire ecosystem which ‘may’ drive us to slow extinction. But after the snap half of the species are turning to dust and the rare ones are dangerously close from being extinct and may not be alive in the coming years. still…. foodchain is disrupted and the alive species may need to adapt in the new living conditions.

Economic depression & inflation kills more jobs and those vunerable are yet trapped And you can find abandoned homes, forests, resources & cities which were thriving yesterday. almost like an apocalyptic scene


After 5-20 years earth returns back to normal but not as it was. There will be no famine this time ’cause popuation is drastically reduced and the abandoned resources decay and forms a part with the life cycle of nature. You will also find most people employed and restarting thier own lives. forgetting the grim years they have had in the past. But you’ll be seeing less advancements due to low population and innovation. Yet life goes on until it has reached at the pinnacle of its timeline

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