Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo

The reason I have decided to make this post is that the popularity that this song boasts


The 17 year old songwriter’s single “Driver’s License” became popular through Tiktok.Breaking Spotify records topping Billboard charts Thanks to aggressive quality, gossiping and huge Marketing and that too in one week!

How it all happened

The song now debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart following a record-breaking first week across streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music. The autobiographical song kicked up on social media speculating as listeners tried to piece together its real-life parallels as if it were a track by Rodrigo’s hero, Taylor Swift. TikTok videos led to blog posts, which led to streams, news articles, and back around again & again. The feedback loop made it unbeatable and made this teenager popular worldwide

“It’s been the absolute craziest week of my life,” said Rodrigo, who really did get her driver’s license last year “My entire life just, like, shifted in an instant.”


  • No 1 in 48 countries — Apple music
  • No 1 in 31 countries –Spotify
  • No 1 in 14 countries –YouTube
  • 38,000 downloads in the United States the most for the week
  • 8.1 million radio airplay audience
  • surpassing the popular record breaking song the

The Song

The song itself is heartbreaking and is based on true stories it maintains a melodramatic scene yet carries through multiple tunes almost like an anthem. This is truly a successful modern pop that you should hear! also to note this song contains explicit words

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