Knives Out (2019)

So i decided to make one of my movie blogs and this is the one i had watched recently.

The Story

This movie is a detective story about the mysterious death of Harlan Thrombey who comes from a rich background. He was a novelist and owned a mansion where his death have been known to take place. The family of Harlan Thrombey was instable or in other words dysfunctional and are greedy to earn the properties of thier predecessor.His death was known to be suicide but the denoit blanc proves it wrong. yet denoit and his team are stuck in the cobweb of proofs which Harlan’s family provides.By the help of Marta Cabrera the nurse of Harlan Thrombey, Denoit finds the imposter who murderd him. if you are so curious enough; then watch it!


I reccommend this movie to those people who like reading detective stories and Sherlock Holmes. And sure it’s good for watching when you’re free it is available to watch in Amazon prime video and in Netflix too

iMDb – 7.9/10

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rotten tomatoes – 96%

8 thoughts on “Knives Out (2019)

  1. Thanks for the review. It does look like an interesting movie.

    I appreciate you following my blog. Hope you continue to enjoy blogging yourself and interacting with other bloggers 🙂


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